Game Features

Roleplay Enforced Sandbox World

Welcome to the world of Eiradir, a living, breathing world that is more than just a game. The world where every action you take can shape the very foundations of the planet itself.
Play whatever you desire, as the only confinement to a specific role is your own imagination. Be a noble knight and protect the poor and helpless, or a shady rogue that seeks only profit at other's loss, or maybe a powerful overlord that wishes nothing but the destruction of the world - or a quiet farmer that tends to his farm and family. Be what you will and live the life that you choose.
Eiradir is a game of politics and strife centered around character interactions, a game where players are given true freedom to shape the world as they desire. A true Sandbox game.

Building System and Housing

As Eiradir is a sandbox game, players are given not only immense freedom to do as they like, but even more, they are encouraged to go out there to claim, build and conquer.
In this game a huge emphasis has been put on player housing and claiming of land, as contest will always create the most wonderful of politics play and strife, with stories to be told generation after generation.
Depending on your style and own ambition, you have many possibilities; buy a piece of land on the outskirts of a major city where the city guard can watch over your house, or build yourself a small hut in a secluded forest, if you prefer your privacy. Open a shop with a prosperous business inside a city, or gather a few friends, go claim land and create your own town. Play as you will.

Living World

Eiradir is more than a game, it is a living world. A world where the NPCs are not mere puppets that respond to snippets of text, or have a peculiar exclamation mark attached to their heads, but have their own lives - they eat, sleep, go to work, go have fun in the tavern, and finally return home when they are tired. They run shops and even go adventuring as players do. Treat them as living beings, for as such, they not only remember what you do, but they also form their own opinion and interact with you based on that.
Hunters have to work for their catch, as animals will not stand stupidly waiting for you to hit them in the head with your axe, but run away, or even fight back if cornered. A world where monsters will form colonies, elect chiefs and evolve if kept unchecked. A world where mere simple bandits can become a complex danger if they have successfully raided enough.
A world where nature runs its course: seasons come and go, game and fish migrate, NPCs and monsters live their life. A world that is waiting for you to come and change it.

Realistic Fighting System

Designed by a real martial arts practitioner, we take pride in our well polished fighting system.
Including many weapons and armors and being backed up by complex formulas and calculations, Eiradir's fighting system is as close to reality as it may get. You will not see women with armors barely covering their private parts take on life threatening dangers, nor daggers slaying dragons. If something would kill you in real life, it would most likely send your character to his early grave in this game as well.
Choose from a large array of equipment, fighting styles and attributes, and create your own perfect warrior, as your imagination dictates. Limitless combinations and possibilities, none will truly be the same. Play what you will.

In-Depth Magic System

Eiradir is a game set in a medieval fantasy world where magicians play a very important role in it's shaping.
Playing a mage is one of the most hardest, but also most rewarding roles of the game. Start of as an apprentice in seek of knowledge, that can barely hold a candle straight, and with enough ambition and determination, get to be one of the most powerful archmages to have ever walked the planet.
A very detailed and complex system with more than ten different magic schools and over 300 unique spells is designed in such a way that it will ensure that you will never meet two mages that can do the same thing. An in-depth system that puts great emphasis on strategy and careful planning as a battle between two mages will be like a game of chess: spells, counterspells and spells that enhance each other, ensuring victory to the most wise of them.
Create your own mage from the ground up, building on the foundation of magical focuses to create your unique character, and no one will know what to expect from you.