Religion in Eiradir

Cultures of Eiradir hold respect for a pantheon of ten deities. Their existance is denied by some, and is taken for a fact by others. Legends are all that remains. According to these legends, The Gods existed before all, and lived in ecstasy of light and darkness. They were unaware of themselves and of each other, acting as natural forces in the blackness of great deep space. This period is referred to in myths as The Great Unconsciousness, when nothing but the deities themselves existed as powerful spirits.

At the peak of divine ecstasy came manifestations of the emotions, and entities gained conscience. The Gods awoke and became enlightened and aware. Together, they decided to create. Each contributed their talent, and forth came the stars and the astral bodies, and finally, a planet populated with life in many forms. This was written to be called The Creation.

After creation of Eiradir, life and existence became more complex, and more specific details had to be defined. At that moment, The Gods came to disagreement. Some Gods wanted to write music, while others wanted to hear noise. Some wanted color where others wanted grayness. Some wanted beauty where others wanted grotesque form. This dire time was when the Gods entered a conflict over influence. The battle was heart breaking and destructive, leaving several gods angry and hateful, others damaged and broken. These were the dark days for all, The Gods and the mortals alike. This time was forever known as the Great Celestial Conflict. In the end of the war, so the legend says, The Great Truce was agreed upon, a pact of peace to prevent destruction of all.

The deities agreed to split areas of their influence across the different aspects of mortal life, and divided into two camps based on their agreements, disagreements and affinities. Some Gods were motivated to bless, teach, and guide mortal races in life towards ideals. Others devoted themselves to mischief, temptation, punishment, and retirement of mortal kind.