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- PRIEST - ~by FatherPrim

A rescued relic from the iGunZ forums, a literary artifact from year 2004 I hope FatherPrim is okay and some day will grace us...

Baby Pasha Makes The Bed

This is a children's book I made for my son when he was a little golden haired toddler. He was such a happy ball of sunshine th...


This narrative takes place in GunZ Online universe and has started as a narrative summation of the fights I've had when playing...

Gun Priest Corrupted ~by Wratts

Back on the official iGunZ forums, someone (I think it was FatherPrim) started a topic called something like "Post your charact...

Hitman Fanfiction - Lee Hong Assassination

My longest standing piece of Fan Fiction over the game Hitman Codename 47, in Russian language.

How to Zero A Robar SR-60 Sniper Rifle


Crime / Fantasy - A demon is punished by being thrown to earth, given mortality and a human heart.

Syrio Forel - Game of Thrones Worst Teacher

Is Syrio Forel the worst fencing teacher ever? A blog entry by Guy Windsor and my own thoughts on the matter.

The Gerbils Story of 2007

A Slice of Life Blog Drama

The Operators: Code Nova

The second installment of "Maniac & Kenny" stories based very loosely on and inspired by the collective writing back in 2006 on...

Three Trolls

A Short Poem Told By My Grandpa