Eiradirian Project Zomboid Season 3

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Premise: The zombies are not an infection, but the apocalypse -- hell on earth. Not necessarily everybody knows this. When people die, their corpses are possessed by evil with a capital "E" -- demons. Their bite will not turn you, these things are not infectious, so rest easy there, but the sheer brutality of their physical might can rend you to pieces. They are honed with all their senses, bloodhound scent detection, pin point hearing, intelligence, and good vision. The sun weakens them though, leaving them lethargic, so you must be especially cautious at night...

Radios are fully implemented in this Season, as is the Bedford Falls mod. The use of global chat is reserved for roleplay signals that are realistically long distance, but not radios. Smoke signals, light-houses, loud music, fire - are okay to roleplay via global chat. Radios will require players to figure out what frequencies to use.

PvP is enabled as usual, but roleplay is required before killing commences. Each PvP kill is investigated, and reasons for killing will be evaluated for character consistency.

Post Mortem Summary:
Unlike previous seasons where everyone died, this one concluded in a bitter sweet mostly "happy" ending, with 6 survivors living, and a beautiful wedding at the Junkyard between Rose "Junkyard Queen" Margholis and Ian "Prospero" Anderson.
Officiated in the newly rebuilt Junkyard church by Father Myles. And then they lived happily through the winter.


Father Myles McInnery

Catholic priest, age 62, surviving due to full readiness for the apocalypse by following scripture and the virtues of the bible. Abstains from drink or temptation, and believes himself to be the beacon of hope in the catastrophy. Every day he prays to God to grant him opportunity to spread light to those who are still surviving. A good listener, mentor, and loyal friend. Student of the Bible and the Shotgun.

Theme Song: Jeoff Lapaire - Revenge
Jenny Perez

Jenny is a mechanic and part-time drug dealer, age 26. Was in and out of juvie during formative years and her dad made her start working in his car shop, hoping to get her to stop in her delinquent ways. That didn't work: she kept dealing on the side but just got smarter in going about it, peddling weed right up until the world went to shit. When the apocalypse hit, she was stoned out of her mind and watched her parents get ripped to shreds by the hordes, escaping more due to dumb luck than anything. Because her old man was so religious, this was evidence to her that there is no God, or God is dead. She has managed to survive thus far due to being crafty and a tough cookie, and is currently searching Kentucky for her brother, who was interning as a doctor in Bedford.
Morgan O'Brian

Morgan was only supposed to be on a day trip to Bernheim Arboretum. She was told by her roommates that it was a beautiful park, perfect for a little hiking and some photography. Instead she found herself stranded in randomsville Kentucky lost on a road trip with people she only met this semester. At least she had her hiking gear with her when all hell broke loose. Literally.
Rose Margholis

Rose knows her tractors like she knows her crops. She is the sole surviving daughter of a local farmer, and herself is a farm girl. Circumstances being what they are, daddy's shooting lessons and her knowledge of machinery keep her alive. She trusts precious few, so you better make friends quick or get out of her way. A loyal friend and a clever foe, Rose is a prodigal genius when it comes to setting up a portable generator and keeping a household running. A gem in the midst of the rural community. Rose has established a small but welcoming survivor community by turning her family farm into a car graveyard she dubbed The Junkyard.

Theme Song: Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die


The man with an old name, who may hail from the northern east coast of the United States, having escaped the massive sprawling urban centers of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. His face, like any other of the few survivors of this apocalypse, is haphazardly groomed. His bright smile is tinged yellow from decades of cigarette smoke, which has altered his voice to be rough and stern even in his most softly spoken tone; The language of which shifts so dramatically, it is impossible to detect his nationality from inflection. His cadence is slow, deliberate, and always a tinge too loud. His only uniquely personal item is a 154 page book, leather bound, which has several Abrahamic symbols upon it: The Crescent Moon, the Star of David, and a Cross.

Theme Song: The Most Joyful Sound
Kent Wainwright

Kent Wainwright was a humble everyman, doing what was needed to get by. It wasn't until he took out a large loan and started living beyond his means that things started to go wrong. Two decades after a mid-life crisis became a proper crisis, Crazy Kent could be found heckling strangers, pointing at his slapdash sandwich board that read "Pass me a beer, the end is near!" There was never any doubt in his broken mind, so when everything went to hell and he rolled out from between his bed of insulation and rags, all Kent could do was smile. And run.

Theme Song: Wratts - Abyssal (Prophecies)

Jaime Wyatt

Grad student and a former local resident of the area, Jaime was caught in the storm as the infection erupted in Louisville, holing up with a pocket of survivors in the opening weeks of the outbreak at the university until recovering a vehicle and making way towards Meade County in search of his teenaged sister, Zoey , whom was still living in the area. Finally breaking down on the outskirts of Bedford Falls, he pressed forward on foot to continue the search.
Robert J. Sitte

A carpenter buried in Muldraugh. He left an in-tact safehouse in the lakehouse in the middle of Bedford Falls. All that is left of him is correspondence and personal diaries. Everyone who met him had also perished.

Jonathan Young?

An note belonging to this person is all that was currently found? Who were you, Jonathan?
Burt Renalds

A car thief and trader? Perished near a junkyard farmstead.

Tina Attwood

A loud mouthed, outgoing prostitute and gangsta girl from Charleston, Virginia. Tina was a wild one, no other way to say it. Hung out with Rose at the Junkyard and helped her run day to day operations, serving her boss's every need. Skilled at hiding, stealing, and shooting. Tina perished in the September 11th Horde Attack on Junkyard, by being gored with multiple zombie wounds, while defending the Junkyard to the last shotgun shell.

Theme Song: Terranova - When In Rome
Raul Tomas

An evil raider who met a sad end.

Dr. James "Jimmy" Paulson

Jimmy Paulson was a doctor in Michigan before all hell broke loose. He was fairly skilled in his profession, and took pride in it. Ever since his youth, Jimmy had an interest in medicine. He dedicated his entire life to it, and eventually graduated from the University of Michigan with a Phd. Despite his success as a doctor, nothing would have ever prepared him for that fateful day when the dead simply resurrected. Seeing no other options available, Jimmy quickly packed up whatever was at hand and drove south, hoping that the military would take care of this hell on earth. His unfortunate end came fast, from the wrathful power of a burning horde.
Owen Masterson

Owen is a twice winner of the Survivor TV contest and a repeat participant of various survival shows. He served with Edward Michael Grylls (now better known as Bear Grylls) in the SAS. This is probably the reason Owen survived so long.

Various Memorable Moments


The church

Radio Prayers in the Dark

Rescuing Father Myles from March Ridge


Burn Pile